Security service

Most often, when we say SECURITY SERVICE, people think of physical protection, as it is the most basic and fundamental security service, whether it is for people or for property. In reality, however, for this concept it conceals much more. It is certainly necessary to mention at least fire and technical protection, but also intervention and patrol. Modern companies that offer security services to their customers do so with professionally trained security and reception staff.

We offer all this to our customers in our company PARKS1.



Ability to work with central control systems
Contract-based security control center

We offer

physical protection

Protecting facilities with the physical presence of security guards provided by the patrols and, with the help of technical means, monitor the events in the facility and the operation of the devices necessary for the smooth operation of the facility. In case of a breach of order in the protected area or detected irregularities, they shall take appropriate action immediately.

Security guard work at the reception

Lately, clients often decide that the reception workers are also trained security guards. The contracting authorities thus ensure that the measures of the security guard against the possible violators of order in the protected area are applied by a person who is present at all times during the work process in the building. This shortens the time of breaking the order in the protected area.

technical protection

Protection of the client's property with the help of technical means. These include burglary and fire protection. In case of triggering alarm signals, the security guard at the facility or the intervention unit immediately ntervenes.


Patrol guards perform external and/or internal patrols of the area they protect. During the patrol, they look for traces of burglary, preparatory actions for burglary, and dangers to people and property of the client.


Interventions are performed when an alarm signal is triggered or at the customer's call. Interventions are carried out by a specially trained security unit, which is always ready to intervene in case of danger.